Proudly Serving Energy Logs and Wood Pellets to the Northern California Communities of Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Penn Valley, Colfax, and North San Juan
North Idaho Energy Logs
North Idaho Energy Logs are the top-of-the-heap in the compressed log and manufactured log market. Made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills, North Idaho Energy Logs are a much cleaner burning fuel than firewood. "Because of our manufacturing methods, Energy Logs create less particulate emissions, less ash and little or no residue." - North Idaho Energy Logs, Inc.
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Units of logs stacked at our facility in Grass Valley. 1 unit = 240 logs (36"wide/39"deep/42"high). Also sold in half units and singles. One unit is equal to 1.5 to 2 cords of dry oak (in BTU's). One 8lb log. Dollar bill pictured to establish scale.

Atlas Wood Pellets
We are also a proud distributor of Atlas Wood Pellets. Atlas Brand wood pellets are made from 100% pure wood fiber with no additives or binders resulting in a clean, efficient and environmentally sound heat source.

Moisture Content Less than 6%

Ash Less than 0.20%

Sodium 15 parts per million

BTU Value per lb. 8300 or Greater

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We are located at 122 Hughes Rd in Grass Valley next to the Shell station across from Sierra Cinemas.

Our hours are Mon-Fri 9:30am to 5pm and weekends by appointment. For pricing and other information please give us a call or stop by. We look forward to hearing from you!


Perry and Kathy Thomas

(530) 273-1678

Proudly serving the Northern California communities of:

Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Penn Valley, Colfax, and North San Juan

122 Hughes Road, Grass Valley, CA


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